Making of the most trusted brand in the country

It is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. This proved true for the creation of a revolutionary mixer-grinder for Indian kitchen called the ‘Sumeet’ mixer-grinder. The Sumeet brand Legacy in food mixers began 50 years ago when Mr. S. P. Mathur who was an engineer at ‘Siemens’ a German multinational, designed  a mixer-grinder out of sheer love for his wife when she complained of her motor being burnt while grinding garam masala in her then available mixer and challenged her husband to repair it.

Mr. Mathur took up this challenge but failed to repair the mixer. Instead, he designed a new food processor for the Indian kitchen and called it ‘Sumeet’ which in the Sanskrit language means ‘Good friend’. It was this necessity for a mixer-grinder that could take heavier loads than its western counterparts and could grind the tough and time-consuming chores of Indian cooking as required in an Indian kitchen. Be it the tough grinding for masalas or wet grinding for idli pastes or simply blending juices or frothy milkshakes, Sumeet Mixer-Grinder could cope with any task from blending to grinding to chopping and mixing. An avant-garde mixer-grinder was thus born to replace the stone and mortar concept of the early days. Mr. Mathur combined his technological prowess and visionary sensibilities to create an amazing food processor that became de rigueur for an Indian housewife and created a revolution in the Indian market with its high-speed and high-quality grinding.

The legacy of the range of Sumeet Appliances is being carried forward by Mr. Ajay Mathur, who has imbibed his father’s vision and strengths. Mr. Ajay Mathur has been instrumental in taking the Sumeet brand to new horizons with the development of innovative products, such as the SP-16 Food Processor, K-30 Automatic Washing machines in the 80’s , to the new Sumeet Grinderman and the revolutionary AM-28 Health Processors for the younger generation in 2015. His astute business skills and innovative approach have helped Sumeet brand to build recognition in National & International markets.