By Aditi Gaur

Food has the ability to energize, detox, stimulate and nourish. Better put by a wise Himalayan sage, “We have the power to convert food into poison and we have the power to convert food into nectar”.

Hence it’s important for us to make better choices when we choose what to put into our systems. I’ve noticed that people take better care of what they add to their homes than they do to what they put into their mouths! Knowing that your ability to think, ideate, grow and evolve is directly linked to how you nourish yourself will perhaps also help you in making the right choices.

Eating fresh, unprocessed, unrefined foods is a wonderful way to nourish yourself. Eating seasonally available produce is a time-tested and effective way to give yourself a wide variety of essential nutrients needed by the body. Becoming mindful of what your body is truly needing also enables us to give it what it needs to work optimally. A good example of this is the body’s natural need for hot foods in winter and cooler substitutes in summer.

If you enjoy chocolate like me, you have the option of making a healthy chocolate mousse (without any refined sugar but only by using a natural sweetener like honey which has many healing and nutritional benefits in your health processor within minutes by only using a few ingredients. If you like eating ice cream, you can use the recipe I have shared in the desserts section to create something genuinely healthy and nutritious (yes ice-creams can be nutritious too!). If you love that creamy alfredo pasta sauce, you will find an interesting (and healthy) take on alfredo sauce in this book as well. And there is no telling how much more you can develop these recipes and turn them into your own by mixing and adding whatever tickles your fancy. If you’d like to add a little more spice or flavoring to any of these recipes, please go ahead and do so. Like I said, make it your own.

This is the best advantage you have with Sumeet’s health processor, you can add, subtract, tweak according to your own taste, unlike a process like baking where exactness plays a key role.

Every person who lived through the 80s & 90s in India knows and probably has seen a Sumeet blender in their kitchen. It was trusted by Indian homemakers to do a variety of roles for them from mixing and grinding to blending and mincing.  I too remember seeing one in my home kitchen, I feel honored to be able to endorse this beautiful machine.

The Health Processor is an extremely sturdy machine at 1500 watts and what this essentially means is that the machine can break things down more finely and evenly than a regular Blender or Mixer-Grinder. Trust me, when you’re grinding lentil pastes, nuts or dates this is an important factor to consider.  More importantly, have fun with your Sumeet Health Processor. It really will prove to be an asset in your kitchen. Experiment and be adventurous. Blending and Grinding will never be the same again!

About Aditi

Aditi Gaur is the face of Sumeet’s new revolutionary Health Processor. Being a national level athlete and someone who has studied yoga, Aditi was a natural choice for Sumeet to espouse it’s commitment to health and well-being. Aditi is also the founder of India’s first alternate milk company Sva Foods (www.svafoods.com) and was recently honored by the Indian Achievers Forum for outstanding contribution in the health arena amongst young Indian entrepreneurs.

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you’re going to feel good.

Sure, I like ice cream, but when you keep a healthy lifestyle, it’s: Do you prefer sweets and crappy food, or do you prefer to have a nice body? It depends on what you want more. 

A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.