Getting Back To Basics With Sumeet

Chairman’s Note

Hello my name is Ajay Mathur and I am proud to present a unique ‘Health’ Food Processor combining a western Blender and the time-tested  ‘Sumeet-Asia Grinder’ for the first time in North America and Europe; engineered to encourage people to stay healthy by exploring the power of whole foods made super-easy, super-healthy and to every thing you can make in the miraculous ‘Sumeet Health Processor’.

In the words of my father, “ with the internationalization of food habits and the way the West, who till date, are the trend setters are getting introduced to the healthy and natural foods and how they are getting to the taste of authentic curries, spices, tandoors and to the advantages of coarse grains like millet, whole wheat, maize, corn, barley, pulses, oil seeds, and herbs, there is now emerging a new wave in ‘Health’ foods preparations of getting back to the Basics.”

My own conviction also rests on the recent changes that we are all seeing in the ready made packed foods available in the United Kingdom and the Americas as also in certain cities of the Pacific Coast that with the advent of Natural and Fast Foods, Herbs, Spices and Grains and the family’s own desire to entertain at home with more wholesome food or to go to restaurants where authentic foods from ‘Asia’ are being served; the need for a Sumeet- ‘Asia Grinder’ and ‘Blender’ is paramount to make health a way of life.

With the birth of our revolutionary ‘Sumeet Health Processor’ let me also take this opportunity to introduce our Sumeet-Blender Girl- Aditi M. Gaur who inspired me in bringing an innovative concept of a powerful Blender and Grinder to the western world.

Ajay Mathur,

Chairman, Sumeet UK Limited.

Paving the way for a healthier lifestyle

Step into the world of Sumeet and stay healthy by exploring the power of whole foods made super-easy, super-healthy and to everything you can make in the miraculous ‘ Sumeet Health Processors ’

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